Blog Home Why should we not throw anything into a well ?

1) A well is an integral part of all fire temples as all rituals, especially the higher ones, require water from a natural flowing source.

2) Zoroastrians venerate the water divinity Avan Ardvisur banu and feel that one of the ways to reach her is by giving offerings to water. This does not mean that one should throw offerings inside water.

3) Offerings like flowers, rice, coconut or dar ni pori have to be made near the natural water-source like well, river or sea and then given to poor and needy or shared among friends.

4) It is not right to throw these offerings in water, as it contaminates it. At the most one can put a few grains of sugar or a piece of rock sugar in the water.

Ervad Dr. Ramiyar Parvez Karanjia