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The capacity to care is a crucial resource of energy and emotion. To care obsessively, is to be suicidal, mentally and physically, since it drains you of your precious vitality in your life. If it is beyond your control, ignore it. You cannot care about people in remote places and lands, since you never met them in actual reality, nor have you made a cultivated friendship with them. As of present, we care more about foreign lives than the people in our own neighborhoods and communities. There's a sense of inauthenticity in this specific action, to be righteous and socially heroic, when it comes to other people in far away places. But when it comes to your local neighborhoods and communities, they are left unattended. Your focus is elsewhere, on a person who does not care about your life or your communities. But people persist, anyway, as if these concerns are effective. These days I always try to remain selective about what I care about. Why, you might ask? So I don't burn my self out with distractions.

The word care really has two meanings - to be concerned about and to look after. These really should go together - so that our concern for the welfare of people is followed by practical action to help them.

If our concern is directed to far away people who we have no ability to help then that concern is wasted as no practical looking after can follow from it.