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George the Brave and the Dragon (4018.04.20)
The Story of George and the Dragon - What does it mean? Read More

Spring festival of Novalux (4018.03.14)
I recommend Western Mithraists celebrate Novalux ("New Light") as a Spring Festival on the spring equinox or 21st March , as the Persians are celebrating Nowruz at the same time. Read More

Three kinds of Mithraism (4018.02.09)
Explaining Pagan, Krestic and Humanic Mithraism Read More

What is Mithraism about? (4017.12.18)
Mithraism starts with the duality of Good and Bad. Most fundamentally as living beings we can have a good life or a bad one. Read More

Zurvan - the Time Lord (4017.10.17)
Zurvan is the senior god of the Mitravian trinity. He is the Lord of Time and ultimately responsible for everything that happens in time, everything that is process, everything that is alive, everything that really exists. Read More

Arkus and Arkons (4017.09.05)
Arkus is the World-Ruler. It is the aspect of the Entus or World-Being which shapes its future course. Read More

Entus, Arkus and Entons (4017.09.05)
Entus, Arkus and Entons Read More

Sol Divinus (4017.09.01)
The Divine Sun is the unending source of light and music to the spiritual existence. Read More

George the Brave (4017.08.30)
Georgius Fortis, like the Iranian god Verethragna, represents the power to break through resistance. Read More

Western Mithraism - July 4017 (4017.07.04)
Western Zoroastrian Mithraism is an experimental new religious movement aimed especially at those modern Europeans who have rejected their traditional Christianity and are searching for an alternative. Read More

Mithraism as a global religion? (4017.06.19)
Until recently I thought that Mithraism would be a specifically European religion. Mithraism would rectify the deficiencies of Christianity, bolster a European sense of identity and support the struggle for better government. Read More

New ideas - June 4017 (4017.06.19)
Yazdan Trinity, Three Mentalities, Saintly Trinity, Ages Read More

Mitravian Festivals (4017.04.22)
Festivals of Mitravism Read More

Mitravism - Creation, Trinity & Arkons (4017.04.20)
In the beginning there was the CELESTIUM - a realm of pure ideas outside normal time and space in which lived MAZDA CELESTIA - the Celestial Wisdom - Queen of Heaven. Read More

The Creation (4017.04.20)
In the beginning there was the CELESTIUM - a realm of pure ideas outside normal time and space in which lived MAZDA CELESTIA - the Celestial Wisdom - Queen of Heaven. Read More

The Chalipa (4017.03.08)
The Chalipa is a symbol used by some Western Mithraists to represent the religion. It is made up of a cross and 4 small circles enclosed in a larger circle. But what does it mean? Read More

I recently got a thoughtful message from someone who works with severely disabled people asking why God allows this to happen. This is my answer (with the original message underneath). Read More

Iranian Mithraism (4016.10.20)
Having started out as a Gathic Zoroastrian I am only gradually learning about the Iranian Mithra. Originally of course Mithra was just one of the gods that the ancient tribal Iranians would have worshipped - though Mithra was very popular he was not at the centre of everything. Read More

From Parsomazdaism to Euromazdaism (4016.08.29)
by Marcus Zartianus

Parsomazdaism is the traditional religion of the Persians. Growing out of Indo-Iranian paganism it received its distinctive flavour with the teachings of Zarathustra who lived at least a millenium before the Christian era.

Zarathustra introduced a very philosophical kind of religious view in which Mazda or Cosmic Wisdom was given the highest praise. He taught that it is Wisdom which produces the Good Order of existence which is most conducive to happiness and the good life. Thus we must support the Wisdom force especially by developing Humanah – Good Mind.

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