A Mithraic Statue (4018.04.12)
A new lion-headed Mithraic statue has been discovered.
The history of Christmas tree (4017.12.20)
Did you know that the tradition of decorating the Christmas tree has its roots in an ancient Persian tradition that is all but forgotten today? Ancient Iranians used to decorate a cedar tree very much similar to how the world today decorates a pine tree. Read More

Homage to Lord Mithra (1.1) (4017.02.03)
A prayer to Mithra. "Thou art all in all to me, Lord Mithra". Read More

Mithraism is Neoplatonic - R.P. (4017.01.05)
Since some people are telling what they think mithraism is, I decided to share my opinion about this religion, too. I strongly connect mithraism with neoplatonic philosophy. The neoplatonic world view, as it was teached by Plotinus and Iamblichus for example, tells about a hierarchy of existence: The eternal transcendent realm of the Monad. Read More

Mithra by Aashrai Arun (4017.01.04)
He can be everywhere. He can be nowhere. He can know everything, and yet teach you nothing. He can be as kind to you as your own mother. Or He could be as horrifyingly ferocious as your worst nightmare. Rewarding to the good man, unforgiving to the evil. Mithra has always been a pleasant enigma in the entirety of the Indo-European world. His presence has been that of a less known spirit which oversees the rise, evolution and in many cases - the downfalls as well of various civilizations. And yet, His being has captured the image of thousands of thinkers, poets and sages for centuries. People could feel they knew everything about Him and yet, feel they know nothing about Him. Through the ages, He has been that one image of adoration and awe alike, who has had a presence in the psyche of men of all sorts. Read More

Birth of Mithra - P.J. (4016.12.19)
Happy ZAYESH - MEHR ( Birth of Mithra ) Let us celebrate the birth of MEHR Izad, The Lord of Light and Justice. Read More

Persian Yalda (4016.12.18)
Zayeshmehr* which is known as Yalda and Shab-e Cheleh in Persian is celebrated on the eve of the first day of the winter (December 21-22) in the Iranian calendar, which falls on the Winter Solstice and forty days before the next major Iranian festival "Jashn-e Sadeh (fire festival)". Read More

Mithra - Jorjani (4016.11.02)
"Mithra, or Mehr in contemporary Persian, means “Light”, “Love”, and “Friend.” He was born of his virgin mother in the middle of the night from December 24th to 25th, which (by the reckoning of ancient calendars) is the Winter Solstice – the rebirth of light from out of the most encompassing darkness. This is celebrated at Yalda (an Indo-European cognate of Yule Day), one of the four most sacred Zoroastrian holidays still commemorated in Iran. Read More

With the God Mithras at Carnuntum (4016.10.31)
I’ve explored hundreds of spiritual sites from many different faith traditions. But today marks the first time I’ve ever written about spirituality in ancient Rome—in particular, about the worship of the Roman god known as Mithras. I didn’t expect to encounter the Romans on our recent trip to Austria. But at Carnuntum, an attraction on the border between Austria and Slovakia, I encountered the most amazing archeological site I’ve ever visited. Read More (external link)
John the Eunuch (4016.10.04)
Historic mystery fiction with a Mithraic angle
Read more (Amazon books)
MITHRAKANA (or Mehregan) (4016.09.21)
Mitravists and other Mithraists celebrate Mithrakana on the Autumn Equinox (September 22nd this year). Mithrakana is a festival of Mithra and a Harvest Festival

Autumn Equinox by modern Asatruar (*)

Mehregan - Autumn festival of Mithra and Thanksgiving (*)
Cult of Mithras (4016.08.31)
10 Myths And Mysteries From The Cult Of Mithras
Read More (External Link)
Roman Fort (4016.08.31)
Ancient Roman fort in England may have been constructed to pay homage to Mithra or Sol Invictus Read More (External Link)
A Song to Mithras (4016.08.29)
Poem by Rudyard Kipling

MITHRAS, God of the Morning, our trumpets waken the Wall!
‘ Rome is above the Nations, but Thou art over all!’
Now as the names are answered, and the guards are marched away,
Mithras, also a soldier, give us strength for the day!

Read More (*)